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Here are some details of the following services we provide: Stud work, Stallion training and Livery. 

For further enquiries please contact  Heather Wright.  Mobile 086-1730900 (Int; +353 and remove first 0)

Mares visiting the Stud

Stud service fees for 2010 within Ireland

Proven Stallions available.

bulletNatal; 400 Euro  or   450 Sterling.
bullet Ard Golden Crisp; 300 Euro or  350 Sterling. All mares
bullet Lettermuckoo Lad; 200 Euro or  250 Sterling. All mares

Young Stallions available.

bulletNot this season

Connemara Ponies Stallions available.

bulletNone available at present


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***Fees can be purchased by credit or Lazer card, by telephoning the stud with a 3.5% service charge***.

Stud fees outside Ireland incur an additional 40% charge on the fee, due to inspection fees and documentation for export (sorry, this does not include courier and transport costs).

The Stud Conditions for all nominations (The Sterling difference is due to the handling fees)

Keep at stud (subject to change)

bulletBarren mare  @ 5.50 per day (4 Sterling)
bulletMare with foal @ 6.50 per day (4.80 Sterling)
bulletStabled / fed concentrates @ 10.50 a day (7.50 Sterling)

Mares arriving before April 1st must be booked by prior arrangement,  They may be stabled or fed daily at a charge of 10.50 a day only. Other keep charges will only be available after this date.

A.I. is the method of covering used at Ard Cherrymount Stud for the following reasons;

bulletability to avoid transmitted diseases
bullethelps to monitor mares progress
bulletevery mare gets an equal chance to go infoal
bulletWe get higher fertility rates
bulletLess stress for most mares or foals

N.B. mares at the stud, get regular teasing and monitored throughout their stay to gain optimum success. It is advisable to send problem mares for this reason.

Ordering semen from the Stud

This is our system for those of you interested in A.I.

In short;

  1. Ring us and book in your mare giving passport details etc.

  2. Send the stud fee. We accept most cards but have to add a 3.5% Service charge via 'Worldpay'.

  3. Plan the stud work with your vet.

  4. When mare is ready, ring before 9am to order the semen.

  5. Collect the semen from stud..

  6. Inseminate mare and return the box that day, with used contents.

  7. Check through the cycle of your mare and order again if necessary.

Registering horses/foals with the IHR click on this line


bulletOrdering A.I within Ireland (in more detail)

You can send your mare to a Stud convenient to you who will do the work on a livery basis or you can prepare your mare yourself.

Sugested Preparation: It is advisable to have your mare 'swabbed' by your vet when she is well inseason. This is important especially if she has missed a year or had a difficult foaling, she must therefore have a clear swab result before you use A.I. . Your vet will also handle her to check the activity of her ovaries as you may have time to cover her on this cycle after you get her swab result (which usually takes about 24 hours). If you know your mare, you probably know the length of time that she stays inseason, this can vary from year to year or from Spring and Autumn, but once you have a good idea of her cycles, it shouldn't be too hard to get the vet checking her within a day or two of when she is due to be covered.

Booking: Call us (the Stud) to let us know that you intend to mate your mare on this cycle, weather you had her swabbed and which stallion you wish to use, giving us your mares particulars; name, registered number, breeding etc., and post or give card details to pay the relevant stud fee and courier costs.

Vet Visits: You ask your vet to have your mare examined to check at what stage her egg/follicle is at. It may be necessary to have your vet exam your mare a couple of times at least, as follicles may be present but can take many days to come close to ovulation. The follicle can go through a period of being small and soft, followed by growing firm, before becoming larger and soft again close to ovulation - the right time for covering. I explain this because only too often vets are not given the full picture of the mare and the early follicle stage is taken to be the later time of her season. The size can also vary from mare to mare, relevant to the size of your mares ovaries. Your vet will also be able to tell you weather her cervix looks relaxed, another good indication that she is well inseason. If she will not be ready for another couple of days, you will have to have another call from your vet to check her again, otherwise, you may be wasting your time ordering the semen. When the vet says your mare is ready for covering in the next day or two you let us know.

Getting the A.I.:

a/ Ring us and collect it .

b/ Ring us any day. We can also post week days up to Thursday but it should then arrive the next day.

We send one insemination dose to you, this is because semen lasts longer inside your mare than in any container, if the mare doesn't ovulate as expected, it is better to get a fresh insemination dose, it just costs the transport again, it does not alter the stud fee. Every collection is checked before it leaves the Stud, It is transported in a chilled container which is designed to keep the semen at the correct low temperature, this must not be opened until the vet is ready to inseminate. The envelope on the container gives you and your vet any additional advice that may be of help. It also contains a form the vet must sign, to verify the covering of your mare, the conditions of the stud fee and a copy of your invoice.

Lastly: Take care to return the container IMMEDIATELY by post (aprox 5.50) and let us know. Check that your mare goes out of season, this is vital because she may put up another follicle that shouldn't be missed! 


Dividing doses will not get pregnancies, as the dose amount is important.

Doses should not be kept outside the 'delivering' container.

Do not place in an excessive hot or cold area.

Use on the day the container arrives

Avoid opening container until the vet is ready to inseminate.

Do not warm the dose.


bulletOrdering A.I outside Ireland.     From the UK or for the rest of Europe and the World please send us an email as we  no longer export semen unless there is frozen semen available at the time. We do accept mares in to the stud from abroad.


bulletStud fee / nomination agreement
bulletThe Conditions  (Please Click on Conditions for the details)


Stallion Training

  1. The preparation of Stallions for inspections
  2. Schooling and competition
  3. Train for artificial insemination  (200 plus 130 p.w. or walk in,  )

Stallion livery (for the above) @ 130 per week


  1. Full livery for Hunters and showjumpers 
  2. Training and competition of Event horses
  3. Natural training for loose jumping classes
  4. Re-schooling of riding horses

Basic full Livery @ 120.00 per week, not including veterinary, farrier etc..

Transport to shows will be calculated @ 1.00 euro per 1km for livery horses.

To contact us; Email or Telephone Mobile 086-1730900 . Outside Ireland call (Int)+353 45 9433433 or Mobile (Int)+353 86 1730900  Heather Wright or Margo Dean of Ard Cherrymount Stud.


  Competition horses, Stallions, Showjumpers, Event horses and Connemara Ponies.

Click here if you wish to send us an email   

If you have any problems use this email; ardhorses@eircom.net

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